Campsites along the French west coast

In terms of landscape, the French west coast is mainly characterized by its vastness: you will find vast pine forests and huge beaches (plus Dune du Pyla, the highest dune in Europe). Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, the Atlantic coast has a mild maritime climate.

The area is littered with hundreds of (mainly larger) campsites, particularly along the coast. But there are a few places that stand out just a little more because of the large selection of camping options. In the north, the two islands Ile de Ré and Ile d'Oléron are the most popular destinations, which together have more than a hundred campsites.

South of it, on the mainland, lies the area around Les Mathes and Royan , which is also dotted with dozens of campsites. Further south, the Bassin d'Arcachon and Sanguinet are the places where you have the most choice.

Finally, the coastal strip between Biarritz and Hendaye is also good for a few dozen campsites.

    West Coastview on the map

    A taste of the campsites in this area:

    Camping Bleu Mer ***Medium Sized campsite in Saint Georges De Didonne, Charente-Maritime
    50 pitcheswebsite
    Camping Bleu Mer, Saint Georges De Didonne
    Aqua 3 Masses ***Medium Sized campsite in Saint Pierre D'Oleron, Charente-Maritime
    140 pitcheswebsite
    Aqua 3 Masses, Saint Pierre D'Oleron
    Camping Océan Vacances ****Small, luxury campsite in Saint Georges De Didonne, Charente-Maritime
    45 pitcheswebsite
    Camping Océan Vacances, Saint Georges De Didonne
    Camping L'Ile Blanche ****Medium Sized, luxury campsite in La Flotte, Charente-Maritime
    160 pitcheswebsite
    Camping L'Ile Blanche, La Flotte
    Camping Palmyre Loisirs ****Large, luxury campsite in Les Mathes, Charente-Maritime
    350 pitcheswebsite
    Camping Palmyre Loisirs, Les Mathes
    Camping La Cailletière ***Medium Sized campsite in Dolus D'Oleron, Charente-Maritime
    113 pitcheswebsite
    Camping La Cailletière, Dolus D'Oleron
    Camping De La Geres ***Medium Sized campsite in Surgeres, Charente-Maritime
    59 pitcheswebsite
    Camping De La Geres, Surgeres
    Camping Les Vignes ***Medium Sized campsite in Saint Augustin, Charente-Maritime
    100 pitcheswebsite
    Camping Les Vignes, Saint Augustin
    Domaine Des Vignères Small campsite in Saint Maurice de Tavernole, Charente-Maritime
    20 pitcheswebsite
    Domaine Des Vignères, Saint Maurice de Tavernole
    Camping Municipal Du Val De Boutonne ***Medium Sized campsite in Saint Jean D'Angely, Charente-Maritime
    100 pitcheswebsite
    Camping Municipal Du Val De Boutonne, Saint Jean D'Angely
    Camping les Chèvrefeuilles ****Medium Sized, luxury campsite in Royan, Charente-Maritime
    84 pitcheswebsite
    Camping les Chèvrefeuilles, Royan
    Camping Le Relax ***Medium Sized campsite in Breuillet, Charente-Maritime
    80 pitcheswebsite
    Camping Le Relax, Breuillet
    Camping Ostrea ****Medium Sized, luxury campsite in Dolus d’Oléron, Charente-Maritime
    110 pitcheswebsite
    Camping Ostrea, Dolus d’Oléron
    Camping Le Blayais ***Medium Sized campsite in Saint Georges De Didonne, Charente-Maritime
    179 pitcheswebsite
    Camping Le Blayais, Saint Georges De Didonne
    Camping La Combe À L'eau - Ars En Ré *Large, simple campsite in Ars En Re, Charente-Maritime
    230 pitcheswebsite
    Camping La Combe À L'eau - Ars En Ré, Ars En Re
    Camping Walmone ***Medium Sized campsite in Saint Sulpice De Royan, Charente-Maritime
    96 pitcheswebsite
    Camping Walmone, Saint Sulpice De Royan
    Camping Les Dunes ****Medium Sized, luxury campsite in Ars En Re, Charente-Maritime
    133 pitcheswebsite
    Camping Les Dunes, Ars En Re
    Camping Les Sables Vigniers Plage ***Large campsite in Saint Georges D'Oleron, Charente-Maritime
    330 pitcheswebsite
    Camping Les Sables Vigniers Plage, Saint Georges D'Oleron
    Camping Cotes De Saintonge ***Medium Sized campsite in Saint Augustin, Charente-Maritime
    134 pitcheswebsite
    Camping Cotes De Saintonge, Saint Augustin
    Camping Du Petit Pont ***Small campsite in Arvert, Charente-Maritime
    33 pitcheswebsite
    Camping Du Petit Pont, Arvert