Campsites in the Pyrenees

The French Pyrenees stretch along the French-Spanish border from the Atlantic Coast in the west to the Mediterranean coast in the east. The best known and most visited part, however, lies around the centrally located high peaks in the department of Haute-Pyrénées.

You will find a wide range of campsites around places such as Argeles-Gazost, Luz Saint-Sauver and Cauterets. There is also the Parc national des Pyrénées , one of the major French national parks. More to the west, the mountains change fairly quickly into lower hills and there aren't that many campsites to choose from. To the east, however, the mountains extend far and there are still plenty of campsites to be found.

In the Pyrenees, the somewhat smaller campsites dominate without too much luxury; you will only find a handful of campsites with four or more stars here. They are there, like the beautifully situated Camping Pyrénées Natura , but here too you will not find a huge swimming pool or playground. The emphasis is, as you would expect in a mountain area, more on outdoor activities such as mountain biking, paragliding, rafting or just walking.

A taste of the campsites in this area:

Camping Arrayade *Small, simple camping in Ger, Hautes-Pyrénées
16 pitcheswebsite
Camping Le Pyrénévasion ***Medium sized camping in Luz Saint Sauveur, Hautes-Pyrénées
80 pitcheswebsite
Camping Le Hounta ***Medium sized camping in Sassis, Hautes-Pyrénées
140 pitcheswebsite
Camping So De Prous ***Medium sized camping in Saligos, Hautes-Pyrénées
74 pitcheswebsite
Camping Larbey ***Small camping in Pierrefitte-Nestalas, Hautes-Pyrénées
47 pitcheswebsite
Camping a l’Ombre des Tilleuls **Medium sized, simple camping in Peyrouse, Hautes-Pyrénées
167 pitcheswebsite
Camping Plein Soleil ***Small camping in Lourdes, Hautes-Pyrénées
28 pitcheswebsite
Camping Le Vieux Berger **Medium sized, simple camping in Lourdes, Hautes-Pyrénées
60 pitcheswebsite
Camping La Forêt ***Medium sized camping in Lourdes, Hautes-Pyrénées
98 pitcheswebsite
Camping L'Arrouach ***Medium sized camping in Lourdes, Hautes-Pyrénées
60 pitcheswebsite
Camping La Bourie **Medium sized, simple camping in Heches, Hautes-Pyrénées
100 pitcheswebsite
Camping Pyrénées Natura ****Medium sized, luxury camping in Estaing, Hautes-Pyrénées
66 pitcheswebsite
Camping Les Craoues ***Medium sized camping in Capvern, Hautes-Pyrénées
78 pitcheswebsite
Camping Le Deth Potz **Medium sized, simple camping in Boo Silhen, Hautes-Pyrénées
100 pitcheswebsite
Camping Monloo ****Medium sized, luxury camping in Bagnères de Bigorre, Hautes-Pyrénées
80 pitcheswebsite
Camping Azun Nature ***Small camping in Aucun, Hautes-Pyrénées
43 pitcheswebsite
Camping du Lac ****Medium sized, luxury camping in Arcizans Avant, Hautes-Pyrénées
73 pitcheswebsite
Camping De La Tour ***Medium sized camping in Agos Vidalos, Hautes-Pyrénées
80 pitcheswebsite
Camping Du Lavedan ****Medium sized, luxury camping (open in winter) in Lau Balagnas, Hautes-Pyrénées
135 pitcheswebsite
Camping Les Trois Vallées ****Large, luxury camping in Argeles Gazost, Hautes-Pyrénées
480 pitcheswebsite