Campsites in Normandy

Normandy is ideal for cycling and walking trips and of course you will find many beautiful beaches. Part of it played an important role at D-Day in World War II, and that is often still visible.


A famous town is of course Honfleur, which attracts many tourists every year with its old alleys and charming harbor (if you want to look further than the harbor and the terraces, walk to the old Chapelle de Notre-Dame-de-Grâce where you are rewarded with a nice view of the bay).

Do you take the bike with you? Then take a look at La Vélo Francette : a well-known cycle route through Normandy, from Quistreham on the north coast to La Rochelle in the south.But there are more places worth visiting: for example Arromanches , a popular seaside resort where you can now also find many traces of the landing of the Allies. Or Bayeux , known for its 70-meter-long Bayeux carpet, which depicts the history of the blows at Stamford Bridge and Hastings almost a thousand years ago.

And then of course there is the bay of Mont Saint-Michel. The island and the abbey tower high above you on a huge sand plain that becomes flooded when the tide is flooded. Mont Saint-Michel is a bit like the Eiffel Tower: it is quite a cliché as a draw, but nevertheless so beautiful that your trip should not be missed.

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        A taste of the campsites in this area:

        Camping Les Pommiers **Medium Sized, simple campsite in Saint Leonard, Seine-Maritime
        79 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Les Pommiers, Saint Leonard
        Camping De Sainte-Mère-Eglise ***Medium Sized campsite in Sainte Mere L'Eglise, Manche
        50 pitcheswebsite
        Camping De Sainte-Mère-Eglise, Sainte Mere L'Eglise
        Camping L'Orée De Deauville ***Medium Sized campsite in Vauville, Calvados
        150 pitcheswebsite
        Camping L'Orée De Deauville, Vauville
        Camping Le Mont Joli Bois ***Medium Sized campsite in Criel Sur Mer, Seine-Maritime
        90 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Le Mont Joli Bois, Criel Sur Mer
        Camping Smile Et Braudières ****Small, luxury campsite in Mézières-sous-Lavardin, Sarthe (open in winter)
        44 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Smile Et Braudières, Mézières-sous-Lavardin
        Camping La Chênaie ***Medium Sized campsite in Yport, Seine-Maritime
        70 pitcheswebsite
        Camping La Chênaie, Yport
        Camping La Roseraie ****Medium Sized, luxury campsite in Surrain, Calvados
        65 pitcheswebsite
        Camping La Roseraie, Surrain
        Camping Reine Mathilde ***Medium Sized campsite in Etreham, Calvados
        115 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Reine Mathilde, Etreham
        Camping Belle Etoile ****Medium Sized, luxury campsite in Gouville Sur Mer, Manche
        160 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Belle Etoile, Gouville Sur Mer
        Camping Le Bellevue ****Large, luxury campsite in Villers Sur Mer, Calvados
        280 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Le Bellevue, Villers Sur Mer
        Flower Camping Le Haut Dick ***Medium Sized campsite in Carentan, Manche
        100 pitcheswebsite
        Flower Camping Le Haut Dick, Carentan
        Camping Le Grand Large ****Large, luxury campsite in Les Pieux, Manche
        220 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Le Grand Large, Les Pieux
        Camping Du Domaine Catinière ****Medium Sized, luxury campsite in Fiquefleur-Équainville, Eure
        125 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Du Domaine Catinière, Fiquefleur-Équainville
        Camping L'Etang Des Haizes ****Medium Sized, luxury campsite in Saint Symphorien Le Valois, Manche
        160 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Port'Land ****Large, luxury campsite in Port-en-Bessin-Huppain, Calvados
        270 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Huttopia Les Falaises **Medium Sized, simple campsite in Saint-Pierre-en-Port, Seine-Maritime
        172 pitcheswebsite
        Domaine De Litteau ****Large, luxury campsite in Litteau, Calvados
        270 pitcheswebsite
        Camping La Capricieuse *****Medium Sized, luxury campsite in Luc Sur Mer, Calvados
        181 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Huttopia Calvados - Normandië Medium Sized campsite in Moyaux, Calvados
        180 pitcheswebsite