Large campsite in Elne, Pyrénées-Orientales:

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09-2021 | Camping El Moli in Elne is 5 km from the sea in the Eastern Pyrenees and offers rental of mobile homes. The campsite has a water park, consisting of an outdoor swimming pool, a paddling pool for the little ones and a Double Slide slide! Located in the Eastern Pyrenees, you will become acquainted with various local traditions under the Mediterranean sun. You will enjoy the sea and the atmosphere of the hinterland and hills on the horizon. Find shelter from the wind in the creeks or walk barefoot in the sand on the 7 km long beach. >>

  • pool, playground
  • rental of caravans
  • shop
  • restaurant, snacks, bar
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Address details

Boulevard Archimède
66200 Elne
Pyrénées-Orientales, Occitania


Part of: Capfun

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