Campsites in Brittany

Camping in Brittany is certainly not difficult. Almost the entire coast is dotted with hundreds of large and small campsites, and to a lesser extent you can also camp inland.

You will find both large, luxury swimming pools such as Camping Le Ranolien (4 stars, over 500 places), and small simple campsites such as Camping de l'Océan (2 stars, not yet) forty places and near the bay of Carnac Plage).


The probably most important attraction of Brittany is the coast. As a peninsula, the department has a very long coastline. In the north and west it is mostly rocky and rugged, with beaches clenched. The coast is somewhat more moderate on the south side of the area.

Along the coast are also the most sights. On the north side you will find the beautiful pink granite rocks near Ploumanac'h. And don't forget Saint Malo, an imposing fortified city whose walls rise invincibly. All of Brittany is dotted with prehistoric sights, but in the Carnac area on the south coast is one of the largest groups of menhirs in the world. It is very impressive to see so many megaliths collected. You can see more about it at the Musée de Préhistoire de Carnac.

A taste of the campsites in this area:

Camping Ile De Kernodet ***Medium sized camping in Saint Molf, Loire-Atlantique
90 pitcheswebsite
Camping L'Evasion ***Medium sized camping in Saint Philibert, Morbihan
87 pitcheswebsite
Camping Les Goelands **Medium sized, simple camping in Ambon, Ain
80 pitcheswebsite
Camping Gouelet Ker *Medium sized, simple camping in Logonna Daoulas, Finistère
52 pitcheswebsite
Camping La Blanche Hermine ***Medium sized camping in Muzillac, Morbihan
90 pitcheswebsite
Camping Des Cerisiers Small camping in Guillac, Morbihan
29 pitcheswebsite
Camping Le Varlen ***Medium sized camping in Plougrescant, Côtes-d'Armor
65 pitcheswebsite
Camping Penn Mar ***Medium sized camping in Baden, Morbihan
199 pitcheswebsite
Camping Clos Nenn ***Medium sized camping in Damgan, Morbihan
60 pitcheswebsite
Camping De La Baie ****Medium sized, luxury camping in Asserac, Loire-Atlantique
70 pitcheswebsite
Camping De La Tour **Medium sized, simple camping in Ambon, Morbihan
131 pitcheswebsite
Camping Penhoat ***Medium sized camping in Fouesnant, Finistère
145 pitcheswebsite
Camping Douarnenez ***Medium sized camping in Douarnenez, Finistère
145 pitcheswebsite
Camping Le Letty ****Large, luxury camping in Benodet, Finistère
490 pitcheswebsite
Camping Les Hautes Grees ***Medium sized camping in Erquy, Côtes-d'Armor
170 pitcheswebsite
Camping La Frèche À L'Ane ***Medium sized camping in Pleboulle, Côtes-d'Armor
80 pitcheswebsite
Camping De La Grande Plage ***Medium sized camping in Plobannalec, Finistère
120 pitcheswebsite
Camping Le Rhuys ***Medium sized camping in Theix, Morbihan
60 pitcheswebsite
Camping Le Mat ***Medium sized camping in Trevou Treguignec, Côtes-d'Armor
105 pitcheswebsite
Camping Le Fort Espagnol ****Medium sized, luxury camping in Crach, Morbihan
190 pitcheswebsite