Campsites in the Ardeche

The Ardèche is undoubtedly one of the best known and most popular regions in France. Every year countless tourists find their way to this beautiful area.

The area has a lot to offer: a wonderful climate with a long, hot summer; beautiful old towns and villages (think of Labeaume, Jaujac, Balazuc); and impressive landscapes (Gorges de l'Ardèche, Pont d'Arc, the Cirque Madeleine or for example Le Mont Gerbier de Jonc); and of course the river Ardèche itself where you can canoe well. If you do not want to go on the water, you can also walk and cycle in the Ardèche.

Spread over the entire area are a huge number of campsites, from very small ones such as Camping Les Blaches (by the river, with its own beach) to large campsites full of luxury, such as Camping Le Domaine De Chaussy (250 places, five stars, with a large swimming pool, tennis court and more).

We have collected them all for you and put them on the map.

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        A taste of the campsites in this area:

        Camping Du Théatre ***Small campsite in Alba La Romaine, Ardèche
        25 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Du Théatre, Alba La Romaine
        Camping La Turelure ***Medium Sized campsite in Uzer, Ardèche
        65 pitcheswebsite
        Camping La Turelure, Uzer
        Camping Beaume Giraud ***Medium Sized campsite in Balazuc, Ardèche
        70 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Beaume Giraud, Balazuc
        Camping Du Pré Coulet Small campsite in Saint Pierreville, Ardèche
        30 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Du Pré Coulet, Saint Pierreville
        Camping Domaine Le Clos Des Capitelles *****Medium Sized, luxury campsite in Saint-Privat, Ardèche
        90 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Domaine Le Clos Des Capitelles, Saint-Privat
        Camping L'Ombrage ***Medium Sized campsite in Lagorce, Ardèche
        71 pitcheswebsite
        Camping L'Ombrage, Lagorce
        Camping Le Retourtour ****Medium Sized, luxury campsite in Lamastre, Ardèche
        130 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Le Retourtour, Lamastre
        Camping Lou Rouchetou ***Medium Sized campsite in Chassagnes, Ardèche
        120 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Lou Rouchetou, Chassagnes
        Camping Les Platanes ***Medium Sized campsite in Rosieres, Ardèche
        90 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Les Platanes, Rosieres
        Domaine Des Blachas ****Medium Sized, luxury campsite in Salavas, Ardèche
        180 pitcheswebsite
        Domaine Des Blachas, Salavas
        Camping La Goule ***Small campsite in Vagnas, Ardèche
        24 pitcheswebsite
        Camping La Goule, Vagnas
        Camping Le Coin Charmant ***Medium Sized campsite in Chauzon, Ardèche
        50 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Le Coin Charmant, Chauzon
        Camping Les Foulons ***Medium Sized campsite in Tournon-Sur-Rhone, Ardèche
        70 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Les Foulons, Tournon-Sur-Rhone
        Sun Camping ***Medium Sized campsite in Sampzon, Ardèche
        70 pitcheswebsite
        Sun Camping, Sampzon
        Camping Les Châtaigniers **Medium Sized, simple campsite in Laurac En Vivarais, Ardèche
        71 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Les Châtaigniers, Laurac En Vivarais
        Camping Le Ventadour ***Medium Sized campsite in Meyras, Ardèche
        115 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Le Ventadour, Meyras
        Camping Les Roches ****Medium Sized, luxury campsite in Le Crestet, Ardèche
        58 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Les Roches, Le Crestet
        La Boheme ***Medium Sized campsite in Tournon Sur Rhone, Ardèche
        60 pitcheswebsite
        La Boheme, Tournon Sur Rhone
        Camping Les Actinidias ***Medium Sized campsite in Berrias-et-Casteljau, Ardèche
        95 pitcheswebsite
        Camping Les Actinidias, Berrias-et-Casteljau
        Camping La Drobie ***Medium Sized campsite in Sablieres, Ardèche
        60 pitcheswebsite
        Camping La Drobie, Sablieres