Campsites in the Alps

The French Alps encompass a large area between, for example, Lake Geneva in the north and the Mediterranean coast in the south. There are three large national parks, where you can camp well: Vanoise National Park , Écrins National Park and Mercantour National Park.

You will find hundreds of campsites throughout the French Alps. Most are small to medium-sized - really large campsites are not numerous here. The range is fairly evenly distributed over the area, but there are a few places with more than average on offer.

For example, around the Lac de Serre-Poncon reservoir, the range is quite wide: there are more than twenty campsites on or near the lake. You will also find relatively many campsites around Chamonix and Saint-Gervais-les-Bains.

A taste of the campsites in this area:

Camping Parc de la Dranse Medium Sized campsite in Amphion les Bains, Haute-Savoie
50 pitcheswebsite
Camping Parc de la Dranse, Amphion les Bains
Camping Le Pelly **Medium Sized, simple campsite in Sixt Fer A Cheval, Haute-Savoie
104 pitcheswebsite
Camping Le Pelly, Sixt Fer A Cheval
Camping L'Aloua **Medium Sized, simple campsite in Sevrier, Haute-Savoie
185 pitcheswebsite
Camping L'Aloua, Sevrier
Camping La Ferme ****Large, luxury campsite in Lathuile, Haute-Savoie
200 pitcheswebsite
Camping La Ferme, Lathuile
Camping La Pourvoirie Des Ellandes *Small, simple campsite in Excenevex, Haute-Savoie
34 pitcheswebsite
Camping La Pourvoirie Des Ellandes, Excenevex
Camping La Renouillere **Medium Sized, simple campsite in Sciez, Haute-Savoie
150 pitcheswebsite
Camping La Renouillere, Sciez
Camping Le Châtelet Loisirs ***Medium Sized campsite in Sciez, Haute-Savoie
148 pitcheswebsite
Camping Le Châtelet Loisirs, Sciez
Camping La Vieille Eglise ***Medium Sized campsite in Lugrin, Haute-Savoie
100 pitcheswebsite
Camping La Vieille Eglise, Lugrin
Camping Le Relais Du Léman ***Medium Sized campsite in Messery, Haute-Savoie
141 pitcheswebsite
Camping Le Relais Du Léman, Messery
Camping L'Horizon **Medium Sized, simple campsite in Talloires, Haute-Savoie
110 pitcheswebsite
Camping L'Horizon, Talloires
Camping Champ Tillet ***Medium Sized campsite in Marlens, Haute-Savoie
130 pitcheswebsite
Camping Champ Tillet, Marlens
Camping La Nublière ***Large campsite in Doussard, Haute-Savoie
362 pitcheswebsite
Camping La Nublière, Doussard
Camping La Pinède ***Large campsite in Excenevex, Haute-Savoie
500 pitcheswebsite
Camping La Pinède, Excenevex
Camping Saint-Disdille ***Large campsite in Thonon Les Bains, Haute-Savoie
400 pitcheswebsite
Camping Saint-Disdille, Thonon Les Bains
Camping Les Charmilles ***Medium Sized campsite in Vallieres, Haute-Savoie
93 pitcheswebsite
Camping Les Charmilles, Vallieres
Camping L'Escale ***Medium Sized campsite in Le Grand Bornand, Haute-Savoie (open in winter)
150 pitcheswebsite
Camping L'Escale, Le Grand Bornand
Camping La Colombière ****Medium Sized, luxury campsite in Neydens, Haute-Savoie
100 pitcheswebsite
Camping La Colombière, Neydens